Pricing for inspection services is influenced by a vast range of factors including, but not limited to, location, environment, type of construction method used, size of property, number of out buildings and the client scope for the inspection.

We try to group inspections that are in a similar geographical area together on the same day. This allows us to spread travel time expenses across a number of inspections and reduces the cost of individual inspections.

A heavily treed surrounding environment will often mean a higher termite population. The greater the termite population the greater the risk that the structure will be attacked. As such a property in this situation may require extensive and time consuming investigation work.

Timber pole homes can be very susceptible to termite attack. This type of construction requires thorough investigation in order to provide an accurate report.

Detailed defect rectification recommendations will often add extra time to the initial inspection, with invasive inspection sometimes required. The subsequent report and recommendations are often highly detailed and require significant time to prepare.

Basic pricing has been provided for comparison and is based on the following:

  • 3 bedroom.
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Low set.
  • Slab on ground.
  • Brick veneer.
  • Iron roof.
  • Floor area of not more than 110 square metres.
  • One out building of not more than 54 square metres.
  • Site area of not more than 600 square meters and free of landscaping and trees.
  • Within 60 kilometres of our office.

We have access to historical data for most properties in the region and price our inspection and reporting services individually for every inspection we carry out.

Please call or email for an accurate, all inclusive quote on the inspection and reporting services you require.

Pricing for:

  • Pre-purchase inspection.
  • Prior to sale inspections.
  • Investment property inspections.
Combined building and pest inspection including thermal imaging and separate reports
$460 + GST
Building Inspection and report$275 + GST
Timber Pest / Termite Inspection and report$295 + GST
Structural Inspection and report$280 + GST
Condition Inspection and report$250 + GST
Investment property risk assessment$450 + GST
  • New construction progress inspection.
Pre-commencement site inspection and assessment
$800 + GST
Footing inspection$0.80 + GST per square meter of floor area
Slab inspection$0.80 + GST per square meter of floor area
Frame inspection$1.80 + GST per square meter of floor area
Pre-paint inspection$1.20 + GST per sqare meter of floor area
Handover inspection$1.50 + GST per square meter of floor area

  • Construction and civil consultation.