Building Inspection

Why do we need  prior to sale inspections?

Prior to sale inspections provide home owners with the opportunity to have their property professionally assessed and to recieve detailed recommendations on any unsatisfactory conditions that may be present prior to offering their property to prospective purchasers.

As homeowners, we tend to live busy lives and prioritise our time in order of immediate necessity.

The condition of the structures that we live in is often relegated to the bottom of the priorities list. In many situations, the condition of the structure is only ever thought about as a reaction to a problem. Very few of us have the opportunity to be proactive about the condition of the structures we live in.
The first sign that there is a problem is when we sign a contract to sell our property. A building and pest inspector, engaged by the purchaser, discovers that there are significant issues with the structure.

It is at that point that the financial and emotional consequences of not maintaining our property become apparent.

Had we have taken the opportunity to have Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections conduct a prior to sale inspection before offering the property for sale, any deterioration of the structure and risks of timber pest attack to the structure would have been addressed long before the first purchaser walked through the gate.

Quite often a pre-purchase building and pest inspection report that contains negative comments about the condition of the property can be the biggest hurdle to overcome when selling your home.

A prior to sale building and pest inspection of your property allows you time to deal with any issues that are found. It provides the opportunity for you to present your property in the best possible condition to the market.

What type of inspection do I need?

Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections provide a range of inspections that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Building inspection
  • Pest inspection
  • Combined building and pest inspection
  • Structural inspection

All of the prior to sale inspections listed above are carried out to the pre-purchase Australian Standard. In addition to the minimum requirements of the standard we will also provide detailed options for the best possble presentation of your property to the market.

The Australian Standard promotes uniformity between different inspectors.

You have the ability to decide the level at which you prepare your property in readiness to present to the market.

If you want to present your property in above average condition to the market you may choose to carry out a full building and pest inspection which would assess all the building elements along with the presence or possibility of timber pests.

If you are only concerned with the structural elements of your property whilst having it presented to the market you could opt for a structural inspection.