Investment Property Inspections

Why do I need an investment property inspection?

Investment property inspection provides absentee owners with the information and recommendations about the condition of their property required to efficiently manage thier investment in order to maximise returns and limit liability.

Investment properties are ultimately aimed at making a profit.

Just like any other piece of equipment or tool that is aimed at making us money it will require regular inspection and maintenance.

Often our work vehicles, and nearly always, our work tools and equipment are stored out of the elements at the end of the day when we have finished using them.

Unfortunately for our investment properties they are exposed to elements for all of their lives.

They are subjected to heat, cold, UV, rain, wind and more often than not stand in an environment surrounded by timber pests.

Managing the deterioration and risk of attack by timber pest is important for every property but is even more so for an investment property.

Leaving an investment property to deteriorate and/or be attacked by timber pests can result in large condition rectification costs but also contributes to the structure becoming unsafe.

As investment property owners, we have lawful responsibility to ensure that the property is safe for occupation by the tenant.

A thorough inspection and accurate report can have a double benefit.

  1. The opportunity to manage condition and timber pest issues before they get out of control.
  2. The inspection and report can form the basis for a comprehensive risk assessment of the property.

A solid history of performing accurate and objective risk assessments minimises risk of litigation.

What type of inspection do I need?

With the aim of managing condition and reducing the risk of timber pest attack a full building and pest inspection is recommended.

The associated building and pest inspection report forms the basis for the risk assessment.

The combination of 28 years of building and construction experience, including a long association with construction and condition management of investment properties, the most up to date training, high quality equipment and instruments along with the latest inspection and report information gathering technology means Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections can provide you with the information required to effectively manage the condition of your investment property in order to maximise returns and long-term value while limiting your exposure to risk.