Matt Johnston, owner of Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections, is a fully trade qualified and licenced carpenter/joiner and builder.

Matt spent many years “on the tools” as a sub-contract carpenter building new homes for some of the leading new home builders in the Caboolture region.

Matt went on to become a fully licenced builder and subsequently managed many large scale greenfield developments for a well-regarded, high-volume builder.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the new home builder sector and with extremely high attention to detail Matt Johnston from Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections can provide your business with a high level of quality control.

Intimate knowledge and hands on experience of footings and slab construction, timber framing practices, internal fit out standards and finishing trades quality requirements Matt Johnston has the ability and authority to effectively manage your quality control standards.

Our services to the new home builder include:

Footings and Slab Inspections

Footings and slab construction is carried out correctly by scrutinising pad preparation, pod and steel placement, footing width and depth, steel cover, plumbing penetrations, termite treatment installation, concrete placement, vibration and finishing.

Frame Inspections

At frame stage set out is checked for dimension, frame is checked for plumb, straight and that general tradesman like workmanship exists. Window reveal penetration inside the frame is checked to confirm it matches the internal sheeting thickness. All required framing elements are inspected to ensure they are in their correct position to allow following trades such as plasterers, fascia, gutter, roof fixers to complete their tasks successfully. Adherence to plans and specification is reviewed to ensure no rectification work is required. Plumbing, electrical and other utility rough ins are checked at this time.

Pre-Paint Inspections:

All internal carpentry elements including door jambs and doors, hinges, locks, stops, architraves, skirting and shelving are inspected ensure that the work has been completed to and acceptable standard.

External carpentry such as cladding, soffits and external timber work is scrutinised for quality.

Internal linings and lining finishing standards are inspected with the aid of high power LED lights in order to expose any defects that may be present.

Other finishing elements such as cabinetry and tiling are inspected during the pre-paint inspection.

Hand Over Inspections:

Hand over inspection involves the inspection of the complete structure including inside, outside and the surroundings.

During this inspection, all elements are checked for conformity with the specification along with the quality of fit and finish.

At this time, all services are checked to ensure that they perform as required by the plans and specification.

All inspections are followed up with common sense reporting and photographic evidence.