Civil & Construction Inspections

Civil and construction consultation. Is it required?

Civil and construction consultation is aimed at providing focused interpretation and optimisation of designs, supervision and scheduling of activities and management of costs.

28 years in the building and construction industry working across all disciplines allows Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections provide a range of specialist services to the civil and construction sectors.

These services can be utilised on projects both large and small.

With profit margins tightening the need for projects to be managed efficiently is becoming increasingly important. With significant experience and success in this area Matt Johnston works in conjuction with project and construction managers to ensure the best possible civil or construction project outcome.

Site Inspection and Assessment

  •  Inspection and assessment should take place at the beginning of the concept phase of any new project. The aim of the inspection and assessment is to provide information on possible ground conditions, land use, planning restraints such as conflict with building codes, town plans and financial feasibility.

Concept development

  • Concept development consultation allows a client to draw on Matt’s enormous reserves of experience in project planning. Efficiencies are enhanced through optimising things such as early planning, construction methods that suit prevailing ground conditions, access, orientation, land use, existing infrastructure use and climate.

Construction and Civil Supervision

  • With a life time of exposure and experience in construction and civil activities including dwelling house construction, commercial building construction, civil infrastructure construction including bulk earthworks, pipelines, culverts and roads Moreton Bay Building and Pest Inspections can provide your project with the supervision required for project delivery on time, on budget and safely.

Deep excavation construction supervision including bench, batter and shoring consultation

  • With years of experience and formal training in deep excavation construction supervision is provided with the highest regard to safety, quality, weather proofing, budget and the environment.

Dewatering Consultation

  • Dewatering consultation and solutions are provided in order to facilitate greater safety, greater efficiencies with reduced costs and impact on the environment.