New Construction Inspections

Why do we need new home construction progress inspections.

New home construction progress inspections are designed to provide the owner of a building under construction with a qualified 3rd party inspection of the work being undertaken with the aim of ensuring that the work is proceeding as designed, approved and planned and in a tradesman like fashion.

In some cases, it may identify poor workmanship while in others it may expose a breakdown in communication between builder and client.

Pre-commencement site inspection and assessment

  • This inspection takes place during the concept development phase of any new structure including houses, sheds, pools, driveways and fences. The aim of the inspection is to provide a detailed and qualified assessment of such things as building orientation, finished surface levels, land use and access.

Footing inspection

  • Inspection immediately prior to the footings being poured to confirm that footing size, steel reinforcement size and specification and steel placement is as per the approved plans.

Slab inspection

  • Inspection immediately prior to the slab concrete being poured to confirm to that the slab preparation, steel reinforcement size, specification and placement along with the timber pest management system is as per the approved plans.

Frame inspection

  • Inspection immediately prior to the internal wall linings and external cladding and after all plumbing, electrical and services are completed to confirm that framing members, member sizes, spacings and locations, wind bracing, uplift tie down are completed satisfactorily and to specification. The inspection also confirms that walls are plumb and straight, that general good workmanship exists and that plumbing, electrical and other service requirements as per the approved plans have been met.

Pre-paint inspection

  • Inspection immediately prior to painting to confirm that the internal fit out including carpentry, cabinetry, plastering has been completed to a satisfactory standard and to the required specification. Plumbing, electrical and other service rough ins are completed and in the correct position.

Handover inspection

  • Inspection to confirm that all construction has been completed to specification and to a satisfactory level of workmanship and that the structure will function as designed.